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Florida Motorcycle InsuranceAs spring approaches, many riders are anxious to rev up their bikes and enjoy the beautiful scenery and pleasant Florida weather. Most riders are aware that no matter how experienced you are as a rider, safety is always an issue.

“Almost all accidents involving a motorcycle end in serious injury or death, reported Ellsworth Buck, Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance. “Wearing a helmet and protective gear, along with maintaining your riding skills and being aware of your surroundings will help you to stay protected while on the road.”

Florida Motorcycle InsuranceMotorcycle enthusiast website, RideApart.com reviews the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and offers some useful safety tips on how to avoid them.

  • If a left turning vehicle, turns in front of you, make sure to follow at a safe distance- making you and your bike more visible will help.
  • Try staying on the side of a lane when stopped rather than the center of a lane; this can prevent you from being hit from behind.
  • Make sure to stay out of a vehicle’s blind spots, to prevent them from changing lanes and veering into your space.
  • Never ride between an active traffic lane and parked cars; this will prevent damage from a car opening its door in front of you.
  • If you approach a corner and realize you are going too fast, just try to ride it out.
  • A front brake can become locked, learn to become proficient with your front brake or consider buying a bike with an anti-lock brake system.
  • Hitting gravel, sand or other road debris when taking a turn is common, consider safely taking wider turns for greater visibility.
  • Slippery roads- if possible wait out the first hour when oil from the road comes to the surface and can cause hydroplaning. Always make sure your tires are not worn out but in good condition.
  • Never drink and drive.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, (IIHS), reported 4,381 motorcyclists died in a crash in 2013. Among the fatally injured drivers, 28 percent had a blood alcohol concentration, (BAC), at or above 0.08 percent.

GreatFlorida Insurance gives you the true freedom to ride.  We can create a custom motorcycle insurance policy for you regardless of the type of bike you ride. Call 888-478-7801 or complete our online request form at www.greatflorida.com and our agents will help find the best motorcycle insurance for you.


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Ellsworth Buck

Ellsworth Buck

Vice President
GreatFlorida Insurance

Since 2003, Ellsworth has served as Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance, a network of independent, franchised insurance agents located throughout Florida. During his tenure he has helped the franchise grow to more than 100 independent locations state wide. He is a 20+ year veteran of the Florida Insurance industry and is a graduate West Virginia University, earning his M.B.A in 1984. He lives with his wife in Stuart, Florida.For more information visit: www.greatflorida.com

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