Florida Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Relief Becomes a Reality for Floridians

After two years of uncertainty and confusion over skyrocketing flood insurance premiums, lower flood insurance rates can be celebrated by Florida homeowners. Friday, March 21, 2014, President Barack Obama signed …

Delray Beach Homeowners Insurance

Delray Beach Insurance Agency Opens New GreatFlorida Insurance Office to Serve Community

GreatFlorida Insurance brings their reliable products and services to Delray Beach providing residents with affordable auto, homeowner’s, health, boat and renter’s insurance. Delray Beach, FL-GreatFlorida Insurance has opened a new office …

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Re-Evaluating Your Current Insurance Policies

It’s hard to believe a new year is already here and with each passing year, life brings its changes. It is crucial to have an insurance policy that reflects your …


Insurance Coverage for Sinkholes in Florida

Sinkholes are part of the Florida landscape. The Florida peninsula is made up of limestone, a porous carbonate rock that stores and helps move groundwater. Soil sits on top of …


Tips for Keeping Your Holidays Safe

The holidays are a festive and joyful time of the year and we at GreatFlorida Insurance want to ensure you and your family enjoy a safe holiday season. Along with …


Congress works to delay rising flood insurance rates

It has been one year since Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc in the Northeast and many homeowners along coastal areas in the U.S. are now facing substantial increases in their flood …


Changes certain for the property insurance industry in 2011

Earlier this year, Governor Charlie Crist vetoed a bill (SB 2044) that would have been the beginning of a potential fix for Florida’s property insurance debacle. However, the state will be ringing in the New Year with a new governor, which many believe will breathe new life into bills aimed at protecting insurance agencies and consumers.


Citizens Property Insurance, Corp. Inspections Continue – What you need to know for 2011

On December 9, Citizens Property Insurance, Corp. released its official “Inspection & Outreach Program Update.” The inspection program, which launched earlier this year, has been gaining increased attention amid an already heated Florida property insurance debate.


The Truth about Florida Homeowners Insurance.

For a consumer, keeping up on this fast changing industry can be very confusing. To understand the state of the industry, we must first understand the current legislation and proposed bills that will directly affect it.